ORBIUM is the generative abstract design made by ARK ( themasque ) using java and computational algorithms. Particles are born with random seeds at random places, flows to make the shape of an ORB creating a beautiful breathtaking image. ORBIUM collection is stored on the Ethereum blockchain as ERC 721 tokens.
In real life where everyone is in the race to be successful but due to different factors in life some fails yet, they neither GIVE UP nor loose HOPE. Just like that, In ORBIUM particles of different sizes and colors are in the race to form an ORB. These particles are limited by their direction, speed, time and longevity during their projectile thus, they either fell short or fail to form an ORB yet, their journey creates mesmerizing designs with meticulous details. Perhaps
it's all about the Journey, not the Destination. ORBIUM offers a visually consistent experience with its eye pleasing color palettes but are intended to be experienced on large, high resolution displays as long-term/permanent installation pieces. Each ORBIUM is 2500px x 2500px in size and has its own character and uniqueness to discover and enjoy. In this Genesis collection there are only 300 ORBIUM to ever exist on the ethereum blockchain.
Let’s examine different traits and their unique features, and have a look at the varieties of output by ORBIUM.
The ORBIUM has 5 different traits.

1 - Background :
There are total of 10 ( Purple, Mustered Yellow, Light Cream, Gray, Light Sky Blue, Light Yellow, Light Pink, Mint green, White and Black ) backgrounds has been used. However there are some with no background.
2 - Color Palettes :
I have prepared 22 ( Inspire, Vibrant, Life Design, Smooth Nylon, Luso Aloja, Unicorn Tail, Rowhide, F4C Color, Flamingo, Act, Sky, Jazz, Foley, Peha, Pastel Ref, Advent, Corporate, Banner, Green Campus, Bauhaus, Construct, Pulp ) different color palettes. These are a set of colors that are selected by hand to produce the best outcome.
3 - Flow Direction :
The starting directions of the projectile by the particles determines the Flow direction of the ORB.
The ORB with the Right direction of the particles flow are very rare probability thus making it Epic or Legendary.
4 - Speed :
The Speed is very important trait since it will play a big role in what the output of the ORBIUM will look like.
It is also correlated to the longevity and time.
5 - Finished Orb in Percentage :
This trait will show the percentage of the completed ORB shape in the ORBIUM.
It is divided in 4 categories.
1 - 25%
2 - 50%
3 - 75%
4 - 95%
These 5 traits determines their rarity types.
1 - Common
2 - Rare
3 - Super Rare
4 - Epic
5 - Legendary

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